XXXV Congress of German Art Historians 2019


Call for Papers - Deadline for applications expired

1 June 2018
As part of the call for papers for the XXXV Congress of German Art His­to­rians (Göttingen, 27 – 31 March 2019) applications for a total of 64 lec­tures can no longer be sub­mitted. Interested colleagues were invited to sub­mit their proposals for lectures relating to ten sessions, to three of the four sessions of the professional groups as well as to two sessions of the working groups of the association using the online application portal.

The deadline for applications was 25 May 2018. (The deadline for applications has expired.)

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University of Göttingen

The 35th Congress of German Art Historians will be hosted and co-organised by the Institute of Art History and the Arts Collection of the University of Göttingen.

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Association of German Art Historians

The Association of German Art Historians is responsible for the Congress of German Art Historians. The largest congress for art history in Germany takes place every two years in changing locations.

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Medieval churches, town houses and the venerable building of the university shape the image of the historic center of Göttingen.

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Academic collections of the University of Göttingen

The University of Göttingen maintains one of the most impor­tant academic collec­tions in Germany. The objects in the collec­tions are a central com­po­nent of current academic knowledge pro­duc­tion and hold a wealth of po­ten­tial for future re­search. As the material academic heritage, they are used for illustra­tion pur­poses in teaching. They are of great histori­cal in­ter­est as a testimony to the history of know­ledge and the history of science and scholar­ship, epitomising the self-image of the uni­versity.

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